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whacking games

Oh whacking day or whacking day, our hallowed snake skull cracking day. Well The Simpsons thought that the idea of whacking snakes was very amusing so they created an episode out of it. We too happen to agree with the Simpsons, we love the idea of getting a stick and going out to whack things, well maybe not snakes but something!

If you too love whacking things and don't want to smack poor snakes around the head with clubs then we have the next best thing for you - whacking web games! There's plenty of them too, from Newgrounds old classic of club a seal (pretty crude to be honest) to Armor Games Hobo collection if you have the hurge to let some aggression out then theres no excuse to hurt someone or something in real life when web games give you amply cannon fodder.

Below we thought we'd share some of our favourite whacking games with you guys...

Polar Bear Payback

It has to be said that Adult Swim are possibly one of the best creators of dark humour adult games with titles such as Amateur Surgeon and Five Minutes to Kill Yourself. But did you ever think they would create a game where Polar Bears hunt men? Well in Polar Bear Pay Back they do just that, well one bear does anyway.

You control the giant polar bear and he's really cheesed off. He's had enough of the humans encroaching on his land, killing innocent seal subs (that his meal their taking!) and pillaging the sea of all it's whales. So much so in fact that he goes on a bloody rampage savaging the humans with his giant claws and nasty bite. You get to play out the role of the polar bear and must fight countless gangs of humans and some very nasty looking bosses!

This is a great whacking game and we are sure you will enjoy whacking those humans to death as much as we did.

Whack Your Boss

I bet when Doodie decided to create a cartoon about a worker fedup with his boss he never imagined the stir it would create online. But then again i'm sure he did know the amount of people in the working world that get really fed up with their crummy boss laying it hard on them every day.

So if your annoyed at your boss, Whack Your Boss is the perfect game for you. Choose one of now twenty ways to kick the crap out of the nagging boss and watch with joy as the game shows you some very graphical ways to get the job done.

We have to say our personal favourite is the worker stuffing the water cooler into the bosses mouth and watching his head blow up like a balloon.


We don't personally think this game has received the ratings it should have done online. A great beat em up title by Armor Games - Hobo is as disgusting as it is violent. You play a homeless bum who for no particular reason goes on a rampage beating everyone up who he lays eyes on.

Fight police, garbage men, emo kids plus loads more different characters and learn fantastic combos such as the ability to spit in people's eyes, puke on them, fart in their face and many more great attacks. Hobo also presents quite the challenge to the beat em up enthusiast so be prepared to give this game more than one go to complete it.

Presidential Street Fight

Play as either Hillary Clinto or Barack Obama and fight the other in all out slapping fest. Presidential Street Fight is one of those fighting type games that Miniclip are reknown for. When theres a new president in town a new game gets released on their site where you can whack him or her or play as them and fight against other politicans. Even Bill makes an appearance in this game, popping his head out every now and then to say hello and to cheer his wife on against Obama!

There's plenty more anger management type games available on the web to play but we thought we'd give you just a few ideas. If you want some more then just head over to Whackit and play more whacking games online.