Treasure Seekers Visions of Gold

Treasure Seekers vision of gold game Treasure Seekers vision of gold gameplay

When sweet, good girl, Nelly wakes up, she vaguely remembers being told by her parents that they will be in the City all day, and she also has to look after her little brother, Tommy, until they return in the morning. The only catch it that Nelly cannot find Tommy! When she tries to leave her room to look for her brother, she finds that a gust of wind has blown shut the door and broken the handle, to boot! Poor Nelly. If this only this was the only hassle she would be running into today. While searching for her brother, Nelly will be given the task of completing many puzzles and hidden object games in the hope not only to find Tommy, but perhaps score her some adventure along the way. In search of treasure and family secrets, Nelly journeys far and wide through abandoned manors, riverbeds, and even underwater caves. All in a day's work, one can assume. After all, her parents will return in the morning.

Game play

Treasure Seekers, Vision of Gold is a top class, classic hidden object game from Play First that beckons gamers to the computer with beautiful, artful graphics, challenging puzzles, and a sound track that is quite relaxing. Of course, one cannot get too comfortable when hidden object games are in play. Hidden object games rely on observation and keep eyesight to sort the rubble from the treasure. Players will need to find a multitude of items in a jumble of engaging, unconventional, and just downright messy items.

In this version of game, players must click on various "hotspots" which will open an area depicting a wooden hoop surrounded by a number of grey items in small circles surround the hoop? Each item in grey must be collected and placed within the hoop to move on to the next task. In an added twist, some items may be hidden in boxes or vases, for example. In this event, a blue eye will appear over the hiding place. Clicking on the eye will open up the hiding area to allow collection of the hidden object.

There is an unlimited number of hints and, super bonus, no timer. Peppered with a number of puzzles for variety, Treasure Seekers, Visions of God, allows players of every style a shot at enjoyment and entertainment for as long as their clicking fingers will allow. Players will not have any trouble getting to their destination (THE END) with these features. However, a neat little walk through follows that will ensure that even the most inexperienced, or the most impatient, player will succeed and find the solution to every hidden object and puzzle in this game.

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