Treasure Seekers 2

Treasure Seekers 2 game Treasure Seekers 2 gameplay

Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvas is the long-awaited sequel to Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold, from Big Fish Games. Filled with hidden object searches, puzzles, and an actual plot, this game follows the example of its predecessor and in fact improves on it. The graphics are more painstakingly detailed, and the sound effects are as realistic as you can get without actually investigating a mysterious Romanian castle.

Players join Nelly (the character) as she returns from a trip to Guatemala. Much time has passed since Nelly and Tommy first investigated their old house in search of mystery and adventure; Tommy and Nelly are now all grown up. Nelly comes home to find that her younger brother, Tom (formerly known as Tommy, but, since he is an adult, is now just Tom), has sent her an invitation to join him at a mysterious castle in Romania. With nostalgia in the air, Nelly accepts, knowing that there must be some fabulous mystery at hand to warrant Tom's request for assistance. Unfortunately for our dear heroine, upon arrival, she finds her dear brother missing! Nelly finds herself responsible for the investigation and journeys through the castle. Helping the tenants of the paintings along the way, Nelly is sure to solve the mystery of the castle and find her brother (for the second time).

The levels are centred on a wall of art in the castle. The basic premise to the game is when you click on a painting you enter that level. When the level is completed, the painting will turn grey. Each painting houses an array of hidden object games as well as puzzles to break up the monotony. Players will assist the inhabitants of these paintings while working their way through the story. To return to the main menu, simply click on the painting located on the chair.

The implementation of an active cursor gives the player a helping-hand advantage. The cursor will change when interaction between the player and either objects or people is available. When the cursor resembles a set of gears, there is a vital item nearby (most likely, directly at the cursor point!). A face signals that a conversation with a character is available. A puzzle-piece cursor signifies a puzzle is to be solved, and a hand cursor will indicate that the item it is touching is an object suited to be picked up, such as one of the hidden objects in the list of items.

The game can be played in either Casual or Advanced Modes. This makes the game possible for beginners, and still gives a challenge to more advanced gamers. In addition, Casual Mode has a friendly little hint-helper that pops up when you have been inactive for a bit of time. The game simply assumes you are not clicking anything because your mouse finger has gone slightly spasmodic, and it will nicely give you a clue as to what you must do next. The game has unlimited clues, but the only thing is they are on timers, so you need to wait before being able to use your next clue, but try not to, as it takes an element of fun out the game. The puzzles may also be skipped if a lot of time has passed and the player feels that they are at a dead end. There is a skip puzzle meter to tell you when the option is available.

Since the game time is unlimited, there is no reason why you will not be able to get by with just these helpful hints. There is no penalty for miss-clicking, either. In many hidden object games, one wrong click too many sends other game timers into frenzy, erasing minutes like they are not even there. However, in this lenient game, a wrong click is simply recognized by a red "x", and there is no other penalty.

All hidden object games are not created the same, even though the basic premise in all hidden object games remain the same. In every basic hidden object game you: enter a cluttered area, consult a list of items, and find them. The Treasure Seekers franchise has built a reputation for falling away from that norm, and it makes a tremendous difference to gamers looking for the next time-killing game to add to their repertoire. In Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases, hot spots are hidden throughout the grounds of the castle. Hot spots represent the hidden object game is at hand. Players must click on the hot spot, indicated by a change in cursor appearance, to learn their list of items. Items are not simply listed, either, they are depicted, which is easier for people who may not be too sure what, for instance, a hand drill looks like, but they can recognize a picture and find its match in the rubble.

The main idea is to have a keen eye for objects in places they should not be, hidden behind piles of junk, or, perhaps the most frustrating of all, right in front of you (these are sometimes the hardest objects to find). Each hot spot opens a metal hoop, surrounded by these illustrations. Players must locate the items displayed, and then click and drag them into the hoop, where they will be collected. At times, two or more hot spots will need to be opened in order to progress, while at others, each hot spot must be completed before moving on to the next task.

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