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About the Pirates Game

If you're a seafaring adventurer at heart, then Bigpoint's Sea Fight game dares you to challenge mighty champions of the high seas. As a browser based online pirate game in the massively multiplayer format, Sea Fight is one of the most popular maritime adventures out there. With several ships, weapons and competitive players, Sea Fight has variety in every department.

Game Review

Sea Fight is a free browser game so there's no need to download any files into your computer. Registration on Bigpoint is fast and easy, and you'll be playing Sea Fight within minutes. With many servers around the world, you can join any one and begin competing with players in different countries. There are over 25,000 players at any given point who are playing this free pirate game online.

A Pirate's Life for Me!

This new game is a real time adventure and fantasy creation. It has an intelligent progressive storyline that grows as your skills as a pirate grow. You play on charts of the ocean which are generated at an individual level. There are hundreds of maps to explore.

The pirate fight game loads up really fast. Being an MMORPG, it has the PvP option which allows you to not only compete but also collaborate with online players. You can join or form clans or guilds, and go to fight against other guilds. There is a hierarchy of alliances and coalitions of other guilds that gives Sea Fight an immense depth that is unmatched in many other MMORPGs.

pirate fight game

With the skull and bones banner flying high above your vessel, you can go about pillaging and looting other ships and islands. Your aim is to become the most notorious pirate who ever sailed the seas. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be a lot of fun in this exciting pirate game online.

Welcome Aboard!

The Sea Fight game is quite friendly towards new players. It sets them up quite nicely with a pirate ship under your command, with a small motley crew and a substantial amount of gold to build a really sturdy and well-equipped vessel before launching into the ocean. The pirate game gives you a chance to get familiarised with the interfaces and game environment.

You log in to a welcome page that is quite comprehensive, including giving you an overview of your starting inventory. You can assign yourself a wicked name by which you will be known in the wild gaming world of Sea Fight. Your ship will proudly carry your name wherever you sail in the high seas.

You begin your adventure from this port by buying the right equipment and hiring the right crew. From here, you can also visit other regions like the pub, where you can receive some missions, the auction market where you can trade items. You can also access your guild, hideout, shipyard and other locations from this page.

The Shipyard option will transport you to a page where you can access info about your ship. You can buy new ships here as well as perform repairs to your existing ship. Go to the pub, share a few drinks with other sailors and you will be allotted certain quests. These quests will involve epic battles with computer monsters and wild buccaneers. The initial lot of gold comes in handy for a start, but you can keep adding to your hoard by going on missions.

You can also try and win some pearls which are a very valuable commodity in the online pirate game. Although you have some pearls allotted to you in the beginning, you can always get more at the cash shop with real money. As you proceed in the game, you will need pearls to buy some sophisticated maritime equipment and ammunition. You can also convert your pearls into gold if the need arises. However, you cannot buy pearls with your gold.

sea fight game manoeuvre

Island hopping

Although the pirate fight game does not present you with a tutorial as such, your early quests will take you through the paces fairly adequately. These give you valuable tips on how to manoeuvre the waters and go from island to island. If you need assistance with the game, there are several help topics available, as well as an active forum where you can post your questions to some knowledgeable gamers. You can also chat with other players during the course of the game through an in-game messenger system.

You will encounter NPC monsters on the seas and some of the islands and most of the action is achieved with the use of the mouse. It would have been great if the game had animated graphics, as the still images lack drama. Still, the quests are set up well to train you in the basic skills as a maritime adventurer.

Initially, it may take the new player a while to figure out how to sail from point to point, and most of the time will be spent tossing around in the sea. There is a premium feature which allows the player to input the coordinates of any location that he would like to sail to, and his ship can be guided there automatically. There is a payment required to activate this feature, but the newbie is given a two week trial period to premium services. So, it's a good idea to check out this feature, and zip around the seas a lot faster.

On your quests, you will also face off against bands of pirates and other vile creatures infesting some parts of the sea. You can use either harpoons or cannon shots against these creatures and pirates. To attack one of these opponents, you point your mouse on them and click to launch your weapons.

Watch your Back, Jack!

Sea Fight is a raw, brutal multiplayer online pirate game and it makes no bones about it. You have to be alert about your surroundings at all times. Your crew needs constant supervision, with copious amounts of liquor and food, or else you will have a mutiny on your hands. The game allows you to access information on each one of your crew members. These range from the ship's pilot to the doctor, cook, gunner and the lowly run of the mill pirate. By knowing their status from the Crew page, you can make sure they are fighting fit before you lead them into aggressive encounters.

There are very interesting and colourful characters in the pirate game, including some mean aquatic monsters. You also have many options for choosing appropriate equipment for your ship. The chart offers an overhead view of the sea so you plot your course between islands, sea creatures and other boats.

As a commander of a pirate vessel, you are responsible for its safety and condition. It is your duty to make sure that your weapons have enough ammo and that your ship is repaired as soon as any damage happens to it. In some ports, you can visit the local markets and haggle with local traders for some goods. So you need to be a good negotiator, in addition to being a ruthless warrior.

Your ship is your entire world and you cannot have more than this one ship at any one time on your aquatic adventure. You can increase its capacity to carry more personnel, weapons and equipment with gold that you acquire or loot from others. The ship also has a kind of health meter, which is called Hit Points in this game. This is the strength or resistance of the ship against attacks.

sea fight game shipyard

There's Gold in them Chests!

When you get to a certain level, you will need to upgrade to a more sophisticated or elite vessel. You can buy this in the auction market place by placing a bid for it with your gold. If you are rich with pearls, then you can just buy this kind of ship outright.

Having an elite ship launches you into the big leagues. You start to win elite points with your victorious exploits. These allow you to buy new skins to decorate your powerful ship with.

You can buy more sophisticated weapons if you collect enough pearls. Pearls are also useful if you wish to get a secret fix on where your enemy's ship is located.

If you're battling NPCs then you can get away with using the standard weapons, but you will need some powerful ammo if you're up against stronger real players.

The most powerful aspect of this online pirate game is its PvP ability. What's the fun if you can't show your true grit in the face of the most arduous of challenges? Playing against other players allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

While at the first level, you will mostly battle NPC opponents, from the next level on, you will have to go head to head with other players most of the time in this fighting multiplayer game online. You have to be vigilant at all times as your ship could be attacked at any time. If your ship is damaged, it could set you back in terms of gold and pearls to have it fixed back into seaworthy shape.

Gold is found in interesting ways, too. There are glittering areas on the sea, called the shineys, where you can pick up some of the precious metal. If you're really lucky, you may snag a few pearls there as well.

Kill a few monsters and win a few maritime battles against NPC or real players' ships and you could be richer in gold. You can also get a share of the gold that your guild receives as daily tax.

In addition to gold, you also get experience points as you complete each quest. Only after a certain number of experience points have been collected, you can progress through to the next higher level. There are a number of ways to gather experience points too.

Be Ready to Walk the Plank

At each level you are confronted with a pirate test that examines your improving skills as an able commander. Some tests involve hunting down few monsters while others may require you to inflict damage on a few ships to collect their hit points. Each of these tests is time limited so the pace can get quite hectic as you level up.

In this pirate fight game there are different levels of NPC monsters, with interesting characteristics and names. There are Serena, Trankus and Deradus monsters, each with a different strength capacity. You can equip yourself with a variety of weapons including cannons, pistols, harpoons and swords.

With each level completed, the game offers new maps to explore and more adventures. Since the competition is fierce, you must look to find some good clans to join early on, if you want to survive in this game for a long time. The great thing about clans is that they get to challenge and fight other clans. Some powerful ones can grab large chunks of territories and even build colonies on islands in their possession.

Sea Fight game is good if you are looking to play independently with NPC opponents in limited areas of the sea. But the real power of this game lies in allowing you to team up with players from around the world and create new adventures together as you battle against other teams in what is a very competitive pirate fight game.

The game is evolving with time as more players join up. The forums and boards are very active and new events, challenges and competitions planned on a regular basis. Make it a point to visit the announcements page and learn about what's new with the game.

The online pirate game also has a monthly competition where every player can enter. This is a gory elimination battle where only the final survivor gets to claim a real cash prize. This award can be up to $10,000 and this is based on all the jack pot points that the player has collected up to that point.

Sights to Delight a Crusty Sailor

The Sea Fight game has eschewed fancy graphics and animation to deliver a more interactive and a broader game world. The presentation is in a 3D style but the visuals are a bit rough for it to be classed as such. The isometric view of the objects and characters gives the game a 2D look which flattens the graphical elements.

Although it would have probably taken the excitement of the battle scenes up by a notch or two, the graphics are indeed quite adequate for this type of a free MMO pirate game. The scenery is quite detailed and the effects are realistic. The pictures of your mates, weapons and other items are quite well presented. The creators have also taken the time to come up with realistic looking monsters and maritime scenes.

The movements of the ships in pirate fight, the explosions and other battle scenes are well rendered. When you are in combat, damage numbers let you know what the status of each player is. The action buttons are clear to follow and some of the higher level skills and ammunition is colour coded. The shooting cannonballs make colourful arcs as they head towards their targets livening up the combat scene. The brighter it glows, the more damage it can inflict.

Sea Fight is an ever active pirate fight game, no matter day or night. The visual scenery changes to depict the time of day. You can play your forays stealthily, by using the cover of darkness, or if you are bold enough, then you can swoop down on some unsuspecting ship in broad daylight. The dramatic light and dark scenes add a touch of realism to your pirate adventure.

The game has several upgrade options so you're not limited in the customization department. You have the opportunity to become more powerful as you master the art of battle in the progressively higher levels. You can upgrade your ship, your crew, your weapons, etc.

The pirate game is built to get you into the action as soon as possible. The user controls are intuitive and each interface has all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Us Pirates Must Stick Together

The PvP aspect of this pirate fighting game allows you to join guilds of like-minded players. Take your time to do some research through the forums to check out the guilds before joining up. The guilds must be on the same server as you, and you must vibe with the other players in the guild since you will be spending a lot of time and effort in your guild.

Finding the right guild will help you reach your full potential in the game. You can leverage on the guild's reputation as you proudly display your guild's banner. You must honour the guild's rules and its pacts of friendship with other guilds, as well as going to war against the guild's enemies. Guilds can also join up to make an alliance, and these combined guilds wield even more power and dominion over large swathes of the ocean. Alliances can grow even mightier if they collaborate with other alliances and organize coalitions.

The interesting part of coalitions is that some may be aligned in all matters while others may only come together to fight a common enemy only. These dynamic organizations need visionary leaders to negotiate and command vast armies of wild buccaneers. They also must have great diplomatic skills as there could be occasions when battles could erupt between friendly forces, requiring an amicable settlement.

The guild collects a small amount of all the gold earned by the guild's members through their daily adventures as tax. This is redistributed among all the members which helps those who are not very well off to buy much needed repairs or ammunition. All this work is carried out by a few office bearers of the guild who are elected from among the member players.

The guild is also a great place to train for the various pirate tests you need to pass to move up in the game. Learning from senior guild members helps you hone your skills.

Game Rating

Playability (out of 10) - 9

If you can point and click with the mouse, then you can play this game. The interfaces are cleanly laid out and you will be sailing around the pirate infested seas in no time.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 5

The game suffers a bit in this department due to its low quality graphics which give some objects a pixellated image. However, the still pages are done in intricate detail to stand out, and the characters are created in realistic images.

Originality (out of 10) - 7

The pirate fight game brings to life the fantasy of a pirate adventure on the high seas. It also successfully merges the maritime action adventure with the role playing skills required to become an astute commander.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 8

Hundreds of unique maps present a variety of challenges to navigate through. The progression of a player from a novice pirate to an accomplished commander is elaborately laid out.

Storyline (out of 10) - 6

The game gives the player the basic building blocks of a pirate adventure and allows the player to build a story to his liking. Whether the player wishes to continue battling monsters and other ships as rogue pirate or join other hordes and take part in massive events, the choice is entirely up to the player.

Addictiveness (out of 10) - 8

For those who love a sea adventure, this online pirate game will prove to be intensely addictive. It allows for growth in skills as well in building a strong network of fellow players which will invite the player to strive for more honours.

Longevity (out of 10) - 7

The game is quite involved as quests lead to tests and those lead to new maps to explore. The various stages of the game ensure many hours of exciting maritime adventuring.

Final Say

Sea Fight game is an exciting real time browser multiplayer that plunges the player into a very realistic fantasy. Although lacking in eye popping graphics, the game makes up more than adequately with plenty of customization options. The player can literally craft his own unique pirate adventure. It takes PvP gaming to a whole new standard with the ability to plan massive guild based manoeuvres. Overall, Sea Fight is a must play game for people who love the pirate genre.

Final Score: 73%

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