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Lords Online is a browser based MMORPG and RTS game that tests your military strategy skills in a competitive PvP environment. The game publishers IGG proudly claim this as the second generation of free browser based strategy games. The game is expansive and has many deep levels to master. You can erect buildings, produce resources and upgrade your troops through training. The game can be speeded up by buying premium items.

Lords Online is a browser based game so it requires no files to download and install on your computer. All you need to do is to register online for free with the publisher IGG and log in to the game. You will become part of a server with several other players that play the game in unique worlds.

Many will compare this game to another popular online game, Evony. The look and feel of the games is quite similar but there are some key differences too.

Medieval Times Re-created

The first thing you do in Lords Online is create a hero character for yourself. As a hero in charge of a loyal band of supporters, you will explore the rugged universe. The game allows you to undertake expeditions, attack enemy territories and grab some loot.

Your hero can belong to one of three races. In addition to the human race, the game has devised two unique races, called Alec and Shaba. The first race is more like an elf and the other has characteristics of Orcs. The hero can be of either gender. There is also a choice given for placing your city in a particular quadrant, but you can leave it to a random choice, if you prefer.

You are the lord or lady of a city who rules over the army and other subjects. Set in medieval times, the aim of the game is to become a successful lord by building up your estate both financially as well as militarily. Alliances and collaborations come in handy in your tactical success.

First Steps

There is help in the form of an advisor who will guide new players through the first few steps. In addition, there is also a tutorial so you get the feel for the game. If you've played strategy games of this nature before, then adapting to this environment will be a breeze for you.

A town is laid out for you with empty slots where you can erect buildings. The buildings are essentially structures that will help in the production of key resources that you need to survive in the game. Resources such as rocks, iron, wood and food are respectively mined, cut or grown on various plots within your town limits. There is one more resource that can be gained by taxing your population or by raiding other players and computer foes. That resource is gold, which is a valuable commodity of exchange in the game.

In the beginning, there are a few buildings which already exist in your town. These may be a certain number of sawmills, farms, quarries or iron mines. This sets you up quite well, and you can decide how to upgrade them by applying new techniques. You can construct some buildings in your town. In order to manage your resource producing structure, you have to zoom out to the City view. You can do this at anytime by clicking its tab at the top of the screen. Essentially, your city is made up of a few towns.

The initial quests are well set up so that you learn the important tasks that will be required to advance to higher levels. These quests will familiarize you with what it takes to build structures, marshal your army units, and assign leaders for these units. You also win resources and other rewards upon completing these tasks.

Dealing with Friends & Foes

You might want to explore certain areas on the world map which are rich in certain resources. These normally have the word Super attached to their names, such as Super Iron Pits. Many players will be vying to grab these regions so be prepared to battle it out to claim these areas.

Being an MMO type game, there are competing players in every stage of the game. You will also see a chat box on the interface which allows you to communicate with friendly gamers in order to ask for help or team up to fight more dangerous enemies.

The game is fast paced and you have to keep learning even as you tackle friends and foes from day one. Your tasks can be as diverse as building an army as well as conducting trade agreements with neighbouring cities to boost your economy. There are four areas in which you are graded.

As you level up in this game, you will be able to upgrade your existing resource structures. You can build additional structures like barns and warehouses to store your resources. Beacon towers are required when you have an army to command.

An important aspect of the game is keeping a well trained army. You must ensure that your generals are in top shape, and have access to the best weapons and fortifications for defence and attack. There are new technologies you can adopt for your military to use so keep a lookout for those.

You will win morale bonus points if you gain glory in battles. You gain experience when you train or take your army into battle. Having a bigger castle can increase your tax base and your will be able to hire the best knights to fight for you. Finally, you must encourage new technologies to prosper by building universities of learning. Keep an eye on these four objectives in order to improve your score and level up quicker.

Game Depth & Premium Features

Lords Online has immense depth that exploits many medieval institutions. There are sovereigns and vassals that you must contend with. You must also learn how to negotiate trade with the other lords.

Time is on your side in Lords Online. You are rewarded gold and turns every hour. Turns are needed to move your army in order to campaign against other players. The population of your city rises and your mines produce more resources on a daily basis. So the longer you play this game, the more powerful you become as a lord.

lords online gameplay

The clean interface, sleek graphics and smooth animations make this game unique. The screens are laid out very efficiently. All the stats and information you require is easily in your vision. The actual game screen is an overhead depiction of the scene where the action is taking place. You can actually see your characters march and engage enemy forces. NPC monsters will try to stop you in some of the regions, so be prepared to fight them in order to advance.

Lords Online has several premium features which can be purchased for real cash. If you don't like the fact that buildings take an awfully long time to get erected, then you can buy an option to speed things up. Lords Online opens the door for those who would spend money to blast through the game at the expense of those who are not willing to spend as much or not at all. Such cash features will undoubtedly give some players an undue advantage.

The way to circumvent this unfair balance is to team up with other players in a similar situation as you. If you can pool together your resources, there's more likelihood of facing up to or even beating an opponent who is relying on his premium features to bail him out. Making alliances with neighbouring cities is a smart move in more ways than one. It helps everyone prosper as well as keeps them protected from enemies from other regions.

Game Rating (out of 10) - 75

Playability (out of 10) - 8

For those who have played popular browser based strategy games, Lords Online is easy to grasp. Even for new players, the controls and interfaces are very user friendly. The ability to control the hero on the battlefield and watch the action is a definite thrill in a game of this kind.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 7

The overall graphic layout of the game is similar to others in its class, but it stands apart with its animation of action sequences.

Originality (out of 10) - 7

Players of this genre will find similarities between other games like Evony in terms of game structure. However, Lords Online brings new game elements and a novel execution style that is quite creative.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 6

The game is engrossing in its diversity of objectives. Players have to maintain a balance between competing resources to succeed. The levels allow upgrades that add to game enhancement as well.

Storyline (out of 10) - 7

Medieval times are re-created through a competitive storyline that has a good mix of bravado and strategy. The creators present appropriate historical elements to enhance the story.

Addictiveness (out of 10) - 7

The game depth and the opportunities to make alliances with other online players make Lords Online a very addictive game.

Longevity (out of 10) - 6

The battle scenes are well constructed and the resource production sequences are also executed well. These ensure long involvement with the game.


Lords Online is a well-constructed game in a familiar genre. There are many options for the strategy gamer in this game as well as the ability to direct heroes in combat situations like an RTS game. The action sequences add excitement to an otherwise tactical plot. Although cash paying players may have an upper hand in some situations, the ability to team up with other players to create mighty alliances can swing the advantage in favour of the free player.

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