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Khan Wars is an online browser based MMO RPG game. It re-creates medieval times of knights and emperors, upstarts and revolutionaries. It offers you challenging scenarios to test your military strategies and empire building skills. It's free to play, quick to learn and addictive enough if you love text based adventure games.

Khan Wars is a strategy game in the vein of Age of Empires where you control one of nine factions and grow your kingdom. Created by XS Software, the game is published by It's easy to register and you can start playing this game for free in just a few minutes. Don't expect fantastic 3D graphics or game play because this is a text based adventure, where strategy is more important than flashy graphics.

The game scores over others in its category by giving you strategic options in assembling unique military combinations, and planning out your resources to support your ambitious campaigns. You can erect more buildings in this game and have access to a wide range of fighting units, including archers, infantry, cavalry, etc.

Lead a Medieval Nation

Set in the wild Middle Ages, the game re-creates a world of power crazed chiefs of several nations who roam the lands to conquer and loot. It's a time of lawlessness and brutality, and only the mighty stand tall. You must be cunning and resourceful to outlast your competition.

You can choose to lead one of nine nations at the start of the game. These are Britons, Franks, Goths, Lithuanians, Arabs, Russians, Bulgarians, Germans and Byzantines. As the head of one of these nations, you get the nominal title of Khan. It's a title common with chieftains in Central Asian regions such as Mongolia. It is quite strange that none of the available nations in the game are from this region.

Based on which race you choose to lead, you will receive certain special bonuses. Some nations are superior at training infantry, while others may have greater resource building capacity. In addition, every faction is assigned a unique fighting unit. You must utilise these advantages in order to gain an edge over your opponents.

Establishing your Kingdom

In the beginning, you are assigned an empty territory, where you start erecting buildings to produce resources. In this initial stage, help comes in the form of an advisor monk who will guide you through the early steps of setting up your empire.

You will erect one building of each kind and it takes only a few minutes of real time to have them constructed. As you move up in the levels, you can also modify the buildings to increase their capacity. At any one time, you can construct up to three buildings, which helps to speed up the construction process.

You have to keep watch on four resources: food, iron, gold and lumber. You need them to feed your army, construct buildings and buy resources when you run out. Your first buildings will produce each of these resources, but there are also other ways to acquire them as you proceed with the game.

An interesting way to gain more resources is to vote for the game by clicking the green check indicator. There are 13 websites that will receive your vote once every day. Doing this will give you a resource bonus. Another way to get more resources is by using coins from your quota of 100 that you will gain when you achieve your first ten quests. Be careful spending these too fast though, as coins are a premium currency of the game.

Start on the Right Foot

In order to protect new players, the game gives you some protection from enemy attacks while you are at level zero. This helps when learning the environment and game play, as well as to gain some experience. It is best to build your mines and shelters early on. You can hide your resources there so no enemies can get to them.

You must keep a proper balance between resource building and battle planning to succeed in Khan Wars. Once you move into the first level, you are open to raids by opponents. Learn the unique advantages that different military units have on one another. Utilise the exclusive ability of your nation to your advantage.

In this game, you essentially play against real live opponents from around the world who represent opposing nations. Based on which server you are playing on, there may be hundreds of other players online, if not more.

The aim of the game is to build a strong army and resources to withstand enemy attacks on your kingdom, as well as launch campaigns against your foes and win their territories. There is a set time limit to accomplish all this and the game is reset after that interval.

Quests and Battles

There is a range of 15 military units and diverse weapons such as trebuchets at your disposal. The exclusive units allotted to every nation are of different types. Some may be infantry units that can be directly used in armies, while other units may only play a supporting role.

As with any battle planning, the formation of the units is of critical importance to assure a victory. An interesting aspect of the game is the battle simulator. It will help new players to determine the probable outcomes for their various formations. It will give them some idea as to which combination will work best on the battlefield.

The real battles depend a lot on chance, as well as the abilities of your competitor. You learn through experience and level up depending on how many points you accumulate by taking part in battles and building up resources.

As you successfully complete each level, you can upgrade one of your 11 skill areas. For example, you can either raise the skill level of one of the military units or increase your financial skill in order to produce more resources.

VIP Benefits & MMO Aspects

Newcomers get free access to VIP features for a few days. These features include complex searching facility, being alerted to attacks as well an overview page, along with other benefits. However, there are several premium features that are only available upon payment.

If you're interested in accessing premium features you will have to buy the VIP package. This will allow you to buy more resources as well as get additional space to store them. You can raise the loyalty levels of your military units, increase your population size, instantly construct buildings, as well as complete certain holy duties that will generate bonuses for you. VIP features also include the ability to change your username, create clan logos and post universal messages.

Players can pay for these features using Paypal or major credit cards, among other modes. They receive coins in return, which are in denominations of 200, 300, 600 and 1000. Becoming a paid VIP member definitely has advantages in the game play, so VIP members can hope to last longer in the game.

Being an online multiplayer game, it gives you the opportunities to not only fight real opponents, but also to forge alliances. You can start or join clans and guilds, and team up to battle the really tough nations.

The game presents an uncluttered interface with soothing 2D graphics and colours. You don't have to worry about too many elements jostling for your attention and concentrate on your strategy play.

Game Rating (out of 100) - 70

Playability (out of 10) - 7

The game is fast to learn with simple controls and minimal commands. The focus is on strategy, and the options of testing various strategies before employing them in battle is a good feature.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 7

The design elements are authentic to create the medieval image. Each nation is depicted in its typical garb and sketched accordingly. The interface and menus are clean and sleek.

Originality (out of 10) - 7

The game is in the genre of browser strategy games like Age of Empires. It will help those who have played the other games to quickly adapt to Khan Wars.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 5

Although it has many quests, the game has a limited overall goal. Since it is time bound by resetting servers, the opportunity to proceed further into the game is restricted.

Storyline (out of 10) - 5

The game has a bare bones plot line, and much depends on how the player creates events through his own battle planning. Apart from realistic characters in diverse nations, the game does not present any stories that need to be followed.

Addictiveness (out of 10) - 7

Strategic gamers will be drawn to Khan Wars to draw up various military strategies and see their outcomes. There is a certain desire to win more battles and to conquer more nations. This adds to its addictive appeal.

Longevity (out of 10) - 5

The game is based on short time durations of play. The repetitive nature of planning battles, producing resources and leading campaigns goes against following the game for long periods of time.


Khan Wars is specifically targeted at players who prefer strategic game play over flashy action scenarios. It has a very user friendly interface and uncluttered game design to focus on the simplicity of the game. Paying VIP members have a great advantage over players using only the free mode. Servers are reset on a regular basis, starting a new game every time so there is only limited action time available. Overall, Khan Wars will appeal to strategy minded players and offer them many battles to execute on a fair footing.

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